Workshops & Pop-ups

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Friday APRIL 26TH - 6:30pm-7:45pm

COST: $18 - Drop in/class packs/memberships welcome.

Catch us on the last Friday of every month for our empowering, powerful 75-minute yoga flow set to some groovy beats. Together we'll have fun, sweat, and shake our booties with yoga asana designed to make you feel strong and powerful. Stick around after class to connect with other yogis for happy hour drinks and snacks (BYOB)!
*Note* Some songs may contain explicit lyrics.

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Sweet Release: A restorative yoga experience

SATURDAY June 15th - 3:00pm-5:00pm

COST: $25. Members save 20%

Enjoy the sweet release of slowing down and setting intention. Join Elizabeth and Amanda as we replenish our body, mind and spirit through a gentle & restorative yoga practice, pranayama and yoga nidra.

Yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is a deeply restful and nurturing guided relaxation which is practiced laying down and supported in savasana. This powerful practice increases dopamine levels and decreases cortisol, acting as a natural stress reliever and helping us to recuperate from the stressors of everyday life.

Pre-registration required!

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SATURDAY MAY 25TH - 6:30pm-7:30pm

COST: $12

OULA is a high-energy, calorie burning, crazy-fun dance workout to Top 40 hits. Classes are one epic hour of sweat, joy, and total inspiration! So much more than just a fun workout - it is Dancemania for the Soul.

OULA Fitness is a true mind-body format. It redefines the way we think about fitness by empowering women to trust ourselves, our bodies, and each other through integration of the mind and body for full-being health. Because our focus is on how we feel rather than how we look, participants experience the freedom of a non-judgemental environment and community. Our Oulakins experience transformation from the inside out, and embrace the philosophy that when you feel good, you look amazing!

OULA was created with the movement of dance, intensity of aerobic workouts and the philosophies of yoga in mind. Our classes feel like part living room dance party, part therapy session!

This pop up class features a playlist specially crafted to make you feel like your strong, beautiful and EMPOWERED self!

This workshop is part of our May "Love Your Body Challenge". All attendees will be entered to win a body positive boudior photoshoot and a free session at Stretch Lab (among other prizes!).

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108 Sun Salutations - Summer Solstice Celebration

SATURDAY June 22nd - 12:00pm-1:48pm (108 minutes)

COST: $18

With each changing season we are called to look inward to grow, renew, detox, shift, or rest. There is no better practice for this than breaking down your mental and physical barriers with 108 Sun Salutations! Each season is a chance to gather with the support of your community for this moving meditation.

Why 108 you may ask? Since ancient times, the number 108 has represented the connection between the universe and humans. 108 represents a sacred whole-ness that cannot be matched. By connecting with this number, ancient yogis believed that we could connect with the universal rhythm.

Your fearless guide: Morgan Casavant