Elizabeth gives a wonderful, gentle yoga flow class that is great for beginners or seasoned yogis. You will definitely still break a sweat in this class! The studio space is beautiful, more personal and less intimidating than some of the big corporate yoga chains.
— Emily Marberry

Hip Hop is always the highlight of my week! Elizabeth’s upbeat and positive attitude puts me in a good mood no matter what else is happening in life.
— Cassie Jayne

Passion Force is amazing! Elizabeth has such a positive and encouraging energy and her dance classes are so fun! I have also taken Candlelight Yoga with Amanda who is so kind and creates a welcoming space to practice yoga. One of my favorite things about both Elizabeth and Amanda is that they really reiterate that if something doesn’t feel right in your body, you don’t have to do it, or they offer modification suggestions. Not all instructors do this in my experience, which makes me really enjoy Passion Force even more. It is not about pushing yourself to the point of pain or doing everything fast and perfect,r rather it is encouraged to listen to your body, sweat, and have fun!
— Sara Panek

I’ve been dancing with Elizabeth for the last 5 years, and still love it like it was my first class! Her energy gets you pumped for a great workout, and her coaching has made me a better dancer! This class brings so much joy into my life!
— Carrie Cimo

I love taking class at PASSION FORCE! Elizabeth has great energy, is encouraging, and takes the time to explain movements whether in dance or yoga. She makes sure to instill proper technique and breathing practices. Elizabeth does a great job of keeping classes fun yet challenging. I look forward to my Monday night hip hop and yoga classes all week!

My confidence in both dance and yoga has grown dramatically since coming to PASSION FORCE. I believe in my body and my ability to learn new dances and poses each week. My mind/body connection continues to improve. PASSION FORCE is also affordable and accessible so I can participate in multiple classes a week to get my heart pumping and body feeling great!
— Deanne Gertner

I am brand new to yoga, started at Passion Force a couple of months ago. So welcoming and encouraging, truly a place where you are accepted exactly for who you are, and where you are in your journey. I have been attending the Wednesday night candlelight yoga classes and absolutely love them! Amanda is such a genuine, positive, encouraging, beautiful person, I’m Blessed to have her as my yoga guide! Wednesday is my favorite day of the week! Check this place out!
— Sally

Elizabeth brings my love of dancing out every single time I go to her class. What a treat to have fun and high energy dancing that you can do if you were a trained dancer or not. It’s all about loving dance and expressing yourself. You need to try out her classes to really understand how awesome they are!
— Annie Harmon

This class is fantastic! If you want to try hip hop without any risk of feeling like an idiot for not figuring it out quickly enough, this is the class you should take.

Elizabeth is a great teacher in every way: wonderful at breaking movements down so they’re easy to learn, skilled at offering constructive feedback without ever making me feel criticized or judged, welcoming and energetic, and her sense of humor is the BEST. Her choreography always strikes the perfect balance between challenging and doable.

I will probably never stop looking like an epileptic cricket when I try to do hip hop, but this class is still the highlight of my day every time.
— Belle Edwards

As an adult it can be difficult to take dance or yoga classes, especially if you don’t feel like the most coordinated or flexible person. From the very first class I took with Elizabeth, I felt comfortable, welcomed, and HAPPY. I know that no matter how great or terrible my day or week has been, I can come to hip hop and/or yoga, laugh, workout, have fun, and leave feeling better than when I arrived. Elizabeth’s classes are truly the highlight of my week.
— Erin Meyers

Elizabeth has trained all over the country and provides an amazing atmosphere of dance with innovative choreography. A class must!!
— Amy Jo Loveland