Passion Force is a place to reconnect with your passions, your intentions and your heart.

"Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you're passionate about something, then you're more willing to take risks." -Yo-Yo Ma

Passion Force is a Yoga and Dance studio for adults to come play, sweat, relax and LET GO. We offer inspiring & energizing classes in the heart of Denver where you can reunite with your awesome self.

Our mission is to provide an encouraging environment where every BODY is welcome. This is a body positive, judgment-free zone where every level of student is welcomed with open arms. Bring friends and make new ones. Reconnect with passions and discover new ways to set your soul on fire. Join our Passion Force Family and allow this space to be your sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of busy life.

Passion Force is a small/local/women owned business. All the things! You can read more about our founder Elizabeth here. We are grateful for your ongoing support and love growing our Passion Force Family.

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Our Invitation to You

We know how intimidating it can be to show up to a yoga or dance class. Please know that you are not alone in your experience. The inner critic can get so loud. Fear can take hold or even the sense of shame… what if I embarrass myself? What if I’m no good? Maybe past experiences play a role too in those thoughts that may arise? Whatever the case, know that you are wholeheartedly welcome here. Our goal is to create an inviting and inclusive space.


Not flexible? Have tight hamstrings? Not a dancer? Got NO rhythm? No problem, we got your back. Seriously. Come here to explore new limits, maybe push your edge and reconnect with the bold force of your strength, passion and power of intention.

Be Brave. Show up. We are on this journey together.