Elizabeth Marberry - Owner/Instructor

CLASSES TAUGHT: Hip Hop, Contemporary/Lyrical and Yoga Flow

I have been passionate about movement my entire life. As a child, dance was my outlet of expression and as I grew older, I felt most free and alive when I moved my body.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. My professional dance credits include performing internationally in India, France and Japan, and I was a featured dancer for Holland America Cruise Lines. I also had the privilege of performing for many small dance companies based in NYC and Chicago.

I can’t pinpoint the exact time I fell in love with Yoga. I was first drawn to it as a form of exercise but was completely taken when I discovered the meditative and mindfulness aspects that are Yoga. Throughout my life I have struggled with stress, depression and anxiety. Yoga provided me a sanctuary where I could still my mind and tune in to my body and soul. I was proud to receive my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Soul Tree in Lafayette, Colorado.

My goal is for my students to feel safe and encouraged in my classes. I create space for my students to re-center, relax and reconnect with themselves.

PASSION FORCE has been a life long dream of mine. I'm excited to share yoga and dance with people from all walks of life. I truly believe this work of practicing yoga and dancing through the tears can be life changing and life extending. This is a studio for every BODY. You don't have to be a great dancer. You don't have to be flexible. You don't have to be ____. Come as you are and you will be welcomed with open arms. We pride ourselves on being a high quality, affordable and accessible studio for all people. I'm happy and grateful you are here and I look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!


Katy Paulson


Dance is my life and I feel so fortunate to be able to move and breath and live my dream every day! My first love was ballet, and then I fell in love with the freedom and expression in contemporary dance. I've been on so many dance companies, I've lost count  - ranging from contemporary, to burlesque, and was even a Denver Nugget's Dancer. When I battled depression, I found yoga to be my solace. Now I combine mindfulness and movement to bring you my signature style, Tandava Yogic Dance. I realized that my yoga mat and the yoga poses brought me a sense of comfort and peace, so I created this style which combines yoga shapes with contemporary dance transitions. It is choreographed and expressive, varied and exciting. I love when world's collide and I can bring dance to yogis and yoga to dancers! 


Jessica Mason

CLASSES TAUGHT: Sassifit Dance fitness

Jessica Mason is a Colorado Native who has recently moved back from living in Michigan.  She started dancing at age 6, teaching at age 13, went pro in 1999 and opened her own studio in 2008.  She has danced professionally for almost 20 years for teams including the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Rapids, the Colorado 14ers, Blush Pro Dance Team and Michigan's version of Dancing with the Stars.  Jessica created SassiFit Dance Fitness in 2014 and has begun certifying teachers to teach throughout the country and online.  Jessica has also held five state titles, including Miss Colorado Galaxy and Mrs. Michigan America.  She currently coaches the CO Starz Dance, Cheer and Leadership Team and co-directs the International Junior Miss Colorado Pageant. Jessica also offers online wellness coaching, accountability and goal setting.

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Kaitie Wong

Kaitie is a native Californian, who moved to Colorado for her pursuit of her Nurse Practitioner dreams. Although this may her goal in life, dance and movement has been her life passion since she was young.

Kaitie started dancing at the age of 3 and grew her passion for dance at Adage School of Performing Arts and continued in college at the University of California, Irvine. Throughout her life, she has taught at studios and has had the opportunity to dance with companies such as Adage Rep Company, Charles Moulton Dance Company, Nhan Ho Company and Silhouette Dance Company as well as the opportunity to dance and direct Booftroop Dance Company.

In 2011, she was introduced to yoga and began teaching and creating her #yogancin flow on the mat and on the water after being certified in 200 RYT, paddle board yoga, and aerial yoga. Currently, she has deepened her practice by becoming certified in aerial dance.

She feels so blessed and fortunate to live this life and be able to share her passions with others, whether it is in class, on stage or in teaching. In the end, movement is life. She feels honored to be with the Passion Force Family. 


Amanda Wood


Being a counselor, a listener, and a helper have always been my passion. I studied psychology and worked as a counselor in different settings but found myself feeling unfulfilled and stuck in the corporate world. I could feel my light and my passion fading but yoga helped me find my way home. It has taught me ways to deal with anxiety and calm the chatter of a busy mind. After practicing for more than 10 years, yoga has given me the gift of being comfortable in my own skin and led me down a path of discovery where I found my authentic voice. Each time I teach, I do so with grateful heart; completely open to offering all of myself to help others on their unique path. I encourage students to stay present, and to connect to the power of their breath and the wisdom of their bodies. My mission is simple…to return to my love of helping others by sharing the gift of yoga; especially with those who may feel yoga is not for them.

Amanda is a 200 hour RYT. 


Jasmine Wiley

Classes taught: Adult hip hop, Groov3

Jasmine completed her Groov3 training and certification in Los Angeles in October 2018. She has a natural gift of dancing, and the art form has remained a part of her life from cheer to tap to modern. In addition to her weekly Groov3 cardio fitness class, Jasmine teaches hip-hop choreography with a feminine twist. Want to feel sexy and confident? Join her for fierce dance moves and self-empowering walk exercises to female artists like Rihanna, Estelle, and Janelle. Jasmine is passionate about making dance accessible – and fun – to all backgrounds and experiences. She is originally from Nashville, TN and owns a design and marketing studio with her husband in Denver. 

morgan - yoga

Morgan Casavant

Classes Taught: Power Yoga

I completed my 300-hour yoga certification in Orlando at the Baptiste-affiliate studio Warrior One Power Yoga. I love heart-opening flows and challenging my beliefs about my body's physical limitations. I am committed to creating a space that is welcoming to all people from all walks of life. My intention is to lead classes that inspire you to be compassionate, balanced and centered - on and off the mat. 


Breegan Kearney


You know that little kid at every wedding that refuses to leave the dance floor, even during the slow dances? That was me. I've been passionate about dance for as long as I can remember. I was lucky to be able to attend Interlochen Arts Academy for high school, which is a private arts boarding school located in the beautiful pine forests of Northern Michigan. From there, I achieved my Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from State University of New York at Purchase College. I had many wonderful opportunities to dance professionally and teach in New York City before I decided to move to Denver to take a job teaching dance in an elementary charter school called Rocky Mountain Prep. I have 3 years of experience teaching dance to awesome children at Rocky Mountain Prep, and have produced several full-scale dance performances for this program. I am currently working on my Master of Arts in Dance Education at University of Northern Colorado.  I started taking GROOV3 classes a few years ago in Denver and totally fell in love with the class. I became certified this spring and am so excited to teach such an awesome and fun class!


Sarah Holland-Bozza


It is a tremendous honor to guide all levels of yoga practitioners through slow flowing, mindful practices of Vinyasa flow, meditation, restorative and yoga nidra. My hope is for all my students to leave feeling better than when they walked in and to carry with them a renewed sense of gratitude, confidence and community. 

Sarah is a 200 hour RYT.


Erin Schoepke

Classes taught: oula

I’ve been teaching Oula Fitness for over four years. I grew up dancing and bounced around studios into my 20’s and 30’s. I craved a space were I could just dance, without trying to be perfect at it. I wanted a high cardio work out as well. As much as I enjoyed the art-form of Ballet, I didn’t get that rush of endorphins that a continuous high cardio gave me. When I found Oula, I found my dream workout. I am so grateful I get to teach Oula, and for the joy it brings to others. When I’m not Oulaing, I am a Portrait Photographer and teach private drawing lessons.


Our Teaching Philosophy:

We strive to create a relaxing and encouraging environment in which our students will have a positive movement experience. We believe that in order to learn efficiently, the student must feel comfortable and safe. Our goal is to help you let go of your inner judge and enjoy the power of movement and expression through yoga and dance. Instead of perfectionism (as they say it's a yoga practice, not yoga perfect), we encourage our students to explore and embrace the wobbles or falls that may come with exploring something new. With our infectious enthusiasm and ENCOURAGEMENT, we hope that you will be able to feel safe and free to spread your wings and find your bliss.