The Top 4 Excuses for Not Coming to Class and How to Combat Them


At Passion Force, we pride ourselves on offering a blend of dance and yoga classes intended to help you balance, play, and explore new possibilities in your body as well as in your life. We fully recognize that coming to class for the first (or fifteenth!) time can be intimidating, but we hope we can change your mind about that.

Have you been curious about taking an adult dance class? Or maybe you joke that you're "not flexible enough" to try yoga? Well, friend, we’re here to debunk all the excuses you have for not coming in and giving yourself a chance!

How We Combat These 4 Excuses for Not Coming to Class

Excuse #1: I don't know anything about the practice.

First of all, you'll find nothing but love and support while you learn at Passion Force. Our team of yoga and dance instructors are on a specific mission to help you feel welcomed and free to be you in the studio!

You don't have to worry about trying something new. We'll guide you through each dance step and yoga flow. It's our job to teach you how to embrace the imperfections in order to have the most fun, and it's your job to simply show up.

Excuse #2: Everyone else will be better than me.

Our community is full of people just like you! The Passion Force family is made up of people who want to have fun with how they move their bodies. You will learn techniques and become stronger, yes, but it's all in the spirit of play! Who cares if you don't land that turn on your first try? Certainly not us!

Remember, everyone at the studio started somewhere, too. Just because our family may look like they're nailing the moves doesn't mean that they didn't also feel nervous to try at first. We all start somewhere, and we welcome those who want to start at Passion Force.

Excuse #3: I've never done it before, why start now?

Now this one's just silly 😉. Start now because the sooner you start, the sooner you'll be more comfortable! Also, did you know that learning a new skill is actually good for your brain? Yep! While you're learning something at Passion Force you'll also be boosting your brain health points.

Excuse #4: I'm a horrible dancer or I'm not flexible.

My friends, this is like saying you don't need a bath because you're already dirty. If you struggle with flexibility, yoga will help you make strides and, after time, you will notice real changes in your body. If you are a "horrible dancer," you can improve... but it's not about being the best in the room. It's about having fun! Stop limiting your life because you fear other people's opinions. We've got your back and will encourage you along the way, but you need to do the work and SHOW UP.

Here’s the point.

We say all this simply to point out: whatever your excuse is, we've heard it before. It's ok to be nervous about trying something new, but we encourage you to try anyway. We'll be with you every step of the way! Sign up for something new today.

Morgan Casavant