Using Dance and Yoga as Adult Playtime + Why That's Important


When is the last time you got to play? And I mean for real - no agenda, no rules, no purpose... just play. Hopefully it was recently! But if you're like most of us, maybe it's been too long since your last play sesh.

Rest assured... You are not alone. Here are some reasons why adding childlike playfulness back into your life is important, and some ways you can practice play at the studio.

Making Time for Playfulness is Important - Here's Why

Hardcore play isn't just for the kiddos anymore, people! And if you do have kids in your life, watching how they play is a great way to re-learn the practice. You know how kids will say and do silly things without any purpose at all, but somehow it seems to bring them so much joy? That's what we're going for.

Playfulness is linked to greater brain function, creativity, and problem-solving. In fact, people who play more often have been shown to have greater growth in their cerebral cortex and play has even been shown to trigger the growth of new brain cells.

Essentially, your brain thrives on play! Getting playful is also a fantastic way to release endorphins and relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

So why does it seem so hard to play as an adult? For one, our society does not typically encourage adult playfulness. Playful adults are often labeled as "immature" or not taken seriously in an office or career setting. So naturally once we hit a certain age we tend to shy away from play to appear more "adult."

I'm calling BS! Let's all make a point to play more in order to live healthier and encourage our brains to function properly. With the end goal being to simply to have FUN in this life. Sounds amazing right?

Ways to Play at Passion Force

Luckily, our studio is designed for play, and here are some tips to make the most out of your experience.

1. Don't take yourself too seriously.

Remember, play is defined as an activity without a singular purpose or agenda. So when you hit the studio floor or your yoga mat, try to throw all your expectations and rules for yourself out the proverbial window. Try something new, do something wrong and laugh it off, fall over and try again. As long as you're having fun and being kind to yourself and others, there are no rules in our studio.

2. Get uncomfortable.

Oh, hi, you've never tried a dance class? Try one! You've never stepped on a yoga mat? Give it a shot! Our brains are pretty amazing, and when we attempt something new we start to create new connections and create a healthier brain function. And yes trying something new can be scary, but that's the best part! We are a 1,000% judgment-free zone, and everyone at the studio is rooting for you. Give it a shot (and see number 1 😉).

3. Don't set rules for yourself.

I know it's tempting, but try not to set super-specific rules or goals for yourself in the studio. Don't get me wrong... goals are fantastic to have and help us stay on track in life, but they have no place in play. Once a rule or goal is set as your reason for coming to class, the carefree playfulness that could've happened just isn't the same. If you must set a goal, do so with flexibility! If it doesn't happen (or doesn't happen as fast as you wanted it to), don't stress. Keep exploring and give it time.

4. Play often.

Just like with any practice, you'll get the most benefits of playfulness if you're practicing it regularly. Find times at the studio that work for your schedule and then commit to dropping "life" at the door each time you walk in. For the time you're here, everything else can wait.

See you in the studio, tribe. Let's play!

Morgan Casavant