Interview With GROOV3 Creator, Ben Allen


GROOV3 is an out-of-the-box hip-hop dance fitness workout that makes you dance, sweat, and live beyond your workout. It's designed to be a class for all levels and all backgrounds.

I got a chance to ask the creator of GROOV3, Ben Allen, some questions about GROOV3, his inspiration, and his life. Check out what he had to say!

Our Interview with Ben Allen

Passion Force: Can you talk us through a bit of your background?

Ben Allen: "I was the kind of kid who LOVED to dance. I think it really started in the Bar and Bat Mitzvah years. There were DJ’s, dancers, and you could always find me on the dance floor. In high school, I found myself at 7 Proms throughout the 4 years. I guess the ladies just wanted a date who liked to move. It wasn’t until college that I stepped into my first official dance class. It was offered once a week at the rec center and I was instantly hooked! My passion grew throughout my undergrad years getting my degree in Business at Arizona State and by the time I graduated, I was sure I was ready for the professional world."


PF: How did you come up with the idea and format for GROOV3?

BA: "After spending a solid 10 years pursuing dance professionally, I found myself out of love with my passion. I was booking work, I built a strong name for myself, but I didn’t feel fulfilled. I had been teaching weekly classes at Gold’s Gym and The Edge Performing Arts Center. A gym with everyday people who just loved to move, and a professional studio where people came to train to become professionals. As I turned my attention towards what made me happy and what I was good at, I realized there was a gap between the (dance) fitness industry and the professional industry. I heard over and over again from people that they wanted the “dance class" feel without the judgment or intimidation, and they wanted the exercise but not to be consumed by the exercise component and calorie burn. I took my skills and knowledge, and with the help of some amazing friends, launched what is now GROOV3."


PF: What was your motivation behind starting the GROOV3 movement?

BA: "Once I started to see the need for something like GROOV3…a safe and welcoming space, an accessible choreography class for all skill levels, and most importantly the desire people have to belong to a great community, I instantly became inspired to grow the movement…we like to call it a GROOVement!"


PF: What is the number one takeaway you hope students get from a GROOV3 class?

BA: "That dance can be the most freeing and self-confidence building thing you can do for yourself. That it doesn’t matter your age, your skill level, or your size. If you love music and movement, get your butt in class. AND, that it is truly cheaper than therapy, so come let it out on the dance floor."


PF: Do you need previous dance experience to enjoy a GROOV3 class?

BA: "NO! But you do need to be in the right head space to let go of your ego and know that (like any new skill) it takes time to learn. Come for the fun, but plan to give yourself 3-5 classes to understand the format and get that mind-body connection working properly. My favorite thing about teaching is to see people start in the back, move to the middle, and eventually make their way to the front row! Such a feeling of accomplishment."


PF: When you are not dancing, what do you LOVE to do?

BA: "I enjoy outdoor things - lots of that to do in SoCal. I love traveling - so many places to still see! I love to eat great food with good friends! And, I’m super obsessed with puppies right now!"

Elizabeth Marberry