5 Tips To Manage Overwhelm

5 tips to Manage Overwhelm
  1. Practice Presence and Stop Living in the Future.

Ever feel like you are on a moving train and you just want to get off? This can be what overwhelm and stress look like.

Our minds are very active, often taking us days or weeks ahead. We are constantly anticipating and often times telling ourselves stories that are not true and will never happen. We love to live in the future.

This is our monkey mind and often results in feelings of overwhelm and stress. Anticipating what’s to come and piling on more to our to-do list, we never seem to have enough time.

How do we manage our monkey minds?

Practice Presence. Draw your attention back to the present moment and look at what’s right in front of you, right now.

Invite yourself to be totally aware of the present moment. What needs to happen in this moment?

Feel your feet on the ground, notice the sounds around you, the temperature of the air and the sensation of the breath flowing in and out of you.

There’s no lack of time in the present moment.

Try on this mantra: I am present. I am peaceful. I am whole.

2. Practice Compassion.

Trust that you are doing the best you can in every given moment. It is enough.

Avoid judging yourself and attaching meaning or stories to what is present for you. Allow it to be there.

What we resist grows larger, so sitting with difficult emotions, witnessing them and watching them pass, can be very powerful.

Extend that same compassion to others. You never know what may be going on in the lives of other people. They are doing the best they can too.

3. It’s not your job to make everyone happy.

I was listening to a parenting podcast and was floored when she said, “it’s not your job to make your kids happy.” After the initial shock wore off, I realized - she was right!

The quest to constantly please others or meet their expectations is a lost cause and never ending battle.

You do you. Know that it is enough. Your love is enough. Your time is enough. Your effort is enough.

Free yourself from the burden of being in charge of everyone’s happiness.

4. Let go of the quest for perfection.

Life is messy. Shit happens.

There is no perfect.

The only thing we can control is how we respond to what is happening in the present moment. Because after all, the present moment is all we ever have.

The voice of our inner critic can be so strong and loud.

The first step is to notice when that voice is speaking to you (often times it looks like fear, self-doubt, worry, anxiety, feelings of helplessness). When you can take the role of the observer, you realize that you are not your thoughts. You can acknowlege that the voice is there and it’s really loud right now and then you can come back to the present moment and connect with your inner being. What is really true right now?

Give yourself permission to make mistakes, disappoint people, forget important events and even spill the milk… because you are human. This is what being a human looks like. It’s not always pretty and put together. Give yourself grace and let go of perfection.

5. Move Your Body to Create Space In Your Mind.

Move it! Not only are there physical benefits (weight loss and an increase in muscle tone) but the mental payoff is huge: less stress and a greater sense of overall well being.

Exercise is an instant mood-booster, increasing endorphin levels (the feel good chemical) and producing feelings of happiness and euphoria. It’s your natural high!

We store our feelings and exerperiences in our bodies through muscle tension and pain. Have you ever noticed how tight your shoulders can get during stressful times?

Excercise allow the stuck energy to move and flow.

Whether it’s a feel good yoga class, a high energy dance class or simply going for a walk outside, your body and mind with thank you.

You got this! Remember it’s all a practice… there’s no destinaiton, only the journey.

Do you have more tips about how to manage overwhelm? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!